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Why sign up for an account?

It's entirely possible to use the site fully without creating an account, you can use buy-it-now buttons and the shopping cart as a guest, you can subscribe to the mailing list as a guest, and you can setup plant notifications as a guest

But if you create an account it gives you a number of advantages:

  • Whilst logged in your shopping cart is persistent. Log out, come back later and login again and your cart contents will still be there. (The guest cart is non persistent and will likely disappear when you leave the site or close your browser)
  • If you place orders while logged in, you will be able to check their status under your account and view a history of all your past orders
  • You can manage your mailing list subscription via your account page, subscribe, unsubscribe, and alter the frequency of emails
  • You can manage any notifications you have setup in one convenient place