Habanero Orange
 (Capsicum Chinense)


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Very Hot!

Plants of 4 - 6 inches high, very healthy, sent in small pot.

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Orange Habanero is among the hottest chillies grown in the world, and is the type most often used in the US.

The fruits are lantern shaped, small and wrinkled, and around 3 to 4cm (1 to 1½in) long. They ripen from green to orange.  Closely related to the Scotch Bonnet, they are very hot with an aromatic flavour.

These are nice, healthy plants, currently 5-6 inches high....sent in pot.

Growing Instructions

Plant in a larger pot as soon as possible, firm in gently and water in. Your plant will grow on nicely for you!
After that, water when the compost looks dry, don't overwater, and your plant will enjoy a misting with a sprayer every so often. Windowsill is fine in the daytime, bring inside curtain/blinds at night. Feed when buds/flowers start appearing.  Can be grown outside in summer, bring in before weather turns cooler.


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