Chocolate Habanero
 (Capsicum Chinense)


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Plants of 4-5 inches high, sent in small pot.


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Habanero Chocolate is the hottest of the habanero peppers.  Really hot!

Also known as the Congo Black.

Plants start producing fruit before they are fully grown! The fruits are bigger than other Habanero Chillies, at 2 inches long, starting off green and turning brown as the fruit matures. Used in Caribbean dishes for their hot, rich flavour.

Plants are 4-6 inches high and sent in pots.

Growing Instructions

Plant in a larger pot as soon as possible, firm in gently and water in. Your plant will grow on nicely for you!
After that, water when the compost looks dry, don't overwater, and your plant will enjoy a misting with a sprayer every so often. Windowsill is fine in the daytime, bring inside curtain/blinds at night. Feed when buds/flowers start appearing.  Grow outside in summer, bringing in before cooler weather sets in.


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