Crocosmia 'Venus'
 (Crocosmia (formerly Monbretia) 'Venus')


Crocosmia 'Venus'  -  good plants with multiple shoots, sent in 8 cm pot.  Will flower this season.

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Exotic and tropical looking, this Crocosmia has dark orange flowers in abundance.  Flowers are held on tall stems up to 3 feet high and the fresh green, sword shaped leaves are plentiful and are very attractive in their own right.

Long flowering season.   Crocosmia multiplies readily, producing more corms from which the plants grow.

Growing Instructions

Crocosmia will grow in almost any soil and prefers full sun or partial sun.

If growing in a hot, sunny position, water more often.

Divide clumps every two years or so.     Easy to grow!


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